Why DOTVOX is Your Best Business VoIP Option


When shopping for a VoIP phone service, it can be difficult to decide who will be the best business VoIP provider for your small business. Luckily, DOTVOX makes that decision easy. Below we’ve detailed a few reasons why a hosted DOTVOX service gives you a leg up when it comes to your communications system—and your competitors.



These days, it’s common knowledge that using a hosted VoIP service is an excellent way for small businesses to be more efficient with their budgets. However, what many business owners don’t know is that some VoIP companies will actually charge you extra for basic features that may come standard with another company’s service.

For example: Company A offers a cheaper base service plan ($19/mo) than Company B ($22/mo). However, Company A charges extra for features like an auto attendant client or call forwarding, whereas Company B has those features already included. That means that while Company A advertises they’re cheaper than Company B, Company A actually offers the more expensive service.

DOTVOX believes that those kind of premium services should be a given. That’s why we offer call forwarding, an auto-attendant, hunt groups, video chats, 3-way calling, and other advanced VoIP features at no extra cost to you. No nickel-and-diming here—just straightforward bang for your buck.

And, as always, there’s no extra equipment needed to purchase and install, no maintenance needed, and upgrades to the servers are handled automatically with a hosted VoIP solution—adding even more value for SMBs.


User and Admin Portals
DOTVOX’s VoIP user dashboard gives employees an easy to use, user-friendly portal that allows them to customize their communications experience any way they prefer. Every employee on any service plan will get a unique username and login to adjust their user accounts anywhere she has an Internet connection. Similarly, administrator accounts allow for the easy adjustment of personal settings as well as enterprise settings—gaining the ability to add, move, and change accounts if needed.

Pre-provisioned Phones
After you’ve committed to a VoIP plan, many providers require that each individual phone your company will use needs to be configured to function correctly. This essential process takes hours to complete since you’ll need to spend time setting up each individual account.

To cut out the painstaking provisioning process, DOTVOX offers clients pre-provisioned, “plug and play” phones that will work perfectly right out of the box—sparing you from hours on the phone and time away from your actual business.


Most major VoIP providers pride themselves on stellar customer service, when in reality a few asterisks surround those remarks. Often their live customer support is only available during business hours, or their call center is outsourced to a foreign call service company. When you need them most, these major providers might not be able to give you the service or answers you’re looking for.

DOTVOX is truly proud to offer in-house, 24/7/365 US-based support to all our clients. We understand that healthy customer relationships are extremely important for small businesses, so we provide a service that delivers that quality care wholeheartedly. Day or night, holidays and weekends, DOTVOX can answer the call.


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