How VoIP Costs Change

Be wary of some of the VoIP services out there. Learn how the costs can add up from provider to provider and get the best solution for your business. There are many ways your bill can skyrocket and it is important to be aware of what your VoIP provider is really providing your business.

VoIP is an incredible service your business can utilize for all of its communication needs. You are equipped with the tools that your business needs to make communication through calls, IMs and Collaboration much more effective. VoIP costs are typically also a lot lower than traditional phone lines so it is easy to handle the monthly bills.

VoIP costs are low and it is easy to scale your solution at any time to fit your necessities. However, there are a lot of ways you can be overcharged by your VoIP provider. You need to be aware of the ways your phone bill can skyrocket and how you can lower your VoIP costs. Getting to know the pricing of each provider and the common ways your business can run up its bills.

You Aren’t Paying The Advertised Price
Every company tends to list the price of a phone line per user. As you get more users, the cost gets lower. But as you get more users, the tools you need expand and the cost rises when you need to implement more technology. There are benefits to VoIP pricing, and there are challenges. Here are some of the ways your business benefits.

One of the great benefits of your phone line is that the cost is flexible. Growth is good because more users mean a lower price per line. The immediate cost on your business is low because the set up cost is low and quick. You can quickly get your phones up and running and benefit from low CapEx. Depending on the provider, you can either buy or lease phones.

But it falls short when you have different necessities than the average user. Most VoIP providers offer unlimited minutes but some may charge by minute or you can buy plans based on minutes. Many VoIP providers also charge for additional phone numbers. While you can have more users, the price goes up because each unique number can cost 5 dollars a month. So if you want your users to have their own numbers, they will cost you 5 more dollars per user.

How Features Raise Your Bill
Not all VoIP costs are included in your bill. Often, you have to pay extra for tools your business needs. Call recording is a great tool your business can use to train employees and protect your business legally. This feature can be added on for a price. There are many add ons that will raise your VoIP costs and take more out of your wallet.

Integration Charges
Your phone system can integrate with popular CRM software such as Salesforce and it enables you to login calls in your CRM. You can track duration, who made the calls, which contacts are related and any user-entered notes. This is often a 3rd party service that forces you to pay another company to benefit. This complicates your phone bill and only raises your VoIP costs.

Your phones are a key part of your business and you need a provider that will be able to support your needs. There is a lot of research to be done when implementing VoIP technology in your business. When your business looks into VoIP costs, it is important to look into the hidden costs that can occur.

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