How Hosted VoIP Business Communications Benefits a Mobile Workforce

Background Information

COMPANY: RE/MAX Independent Office

INDUSTRY: Franchise – Real Estate


PRODUCT / SERVICES:  DOTVOX Hosted VoIP, Mobile App, Hunt Groups, 24/7/365 Support

ABOUT: Based in Kingsport, Tennessee, the family owned and operated RE/MAX real estate office works hard to provide their clients with the most positive real estate experience possible, and is dedicated to helping each of those clients sell or find a home where they can work and live with integrity. With 15 current employees on staff, the real estate office sought a cost-effective VoIP solution that would finally replace their outdated phone system while also adding the necessary features to facilitate a more consistent, productive workflow for their mobile employees.


With agents traveling to property sites on a regular basis, real estate agencies have a major incentive to find an appropriate and cost-effective communications system that supports the mobile needs for their out-of-office agents.

The independently owned RE/MAX real estate branch had an urgent need to replace their outdated and increasingly expensive phone system. Additionally, they required a mobility solution that allowed incoming calls to be efficiently routed to the correct mobile agent – even on weekends or after hours.

The solution outlined in this case study details the problems RE/MAX faced and how DOTVOX implemented a modern and cost-effective communications solution that now allows the real estate company to spend less on their phone system while also increasing the productivity of their mobile employees.


The Challenge

Outdated Equipment – Purchased in 2000 and state-of-the-art at the time, the company’s now 16-year-old phone system was growing more and more difficult to maintain. “They don’t even make parts for our system anymore,” said Lynn Byrd, Broker and Owner at RE/MAX. “We spent a lot of time on eBay and craigslist just looking for replacement parts.”

High Costs – With equipment and resources running out, Byrd needed a replacement solution soon. Additionally, parts were very expensive to purchase. “The old system needed three or four power supplies and we only had one left. It was only a matter of time before we were offline,” explained Byrd. “The last power supply we bought was over $700, and the whole system would cost about $12,000 to $14,000 just to replace.”

Decreased Productivity – With many mobile employees, the RE/MAX office wanted the ability to route incoming calls to the appropriate agents on their personal cell phone while in the field. “There’s no doubt we missed calls, and there was no way to determine how many we were missing,” said Byrd. “We had one person on-call after hours. If we missed a call and the caller didn’t leave a message, there was no way to get back to them.”

Uncertainty with VoIP – Byrd knew the company had to switch phone solutions soon, but didn’t necessarily know where to start. “We knew [a local cable provider] had a VoIP option, but everybody I talked to just had trouble with it,” Byrd said. “Our bookkeeper next door had already tried out at least two, maybe three providers that she was never happy with.”



Based on his needs and concerns, DOTVOX staff worked with Byrd to design and implement the company’s hosted communications system immediately with highlights to the following features and benefits:

Reduced TCO – Outsourcing system infrastructure to DOTVOX significantly reduced the capital and operating costs related to the purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading of their in-house equipment.

Increased Productivity – “We look at every one of our calls as being worth about $3,000, so our goal is never to miss a call. The more efficient we’re going to be, the more profitable we’re going to be – and DOTVOX lets us do that.”

Mobile App – The mobile app allows Byrd’s agents to use their personal smartphones at any time from any location. All outgoing calls an employee makes are reflected as being from a RE/MAX agent, which helps the agent (and the company) maintain a professional image.

Hunt Groups – Byrd sites the hunt group capabilities to be one of the company’s most useful. “Now that we’ve got the appropriate call routing set up, it’ll always find an agent even if they’re on the phone. That way, somebody will always have the chance to answer the phone for
a customer.”

Close Customer Relationship – “The DOTVOX staff has been really good at walking me through different aspects of the system. They recommended me things I haven’t even thought about.”

24/7/365 U.S.-based Support – DOTVOX staff is available for a call every second of the year to provide expert service any time the client needs it.


The Result

Between the costs and time saved from the outsourced infrastructure, the increases to efficiency from a streamlined hunt group configuration, and the mobility added from the mobile app, Byrd and his RE/MAX employees have gained an invaluable communications system that satisfied each obstacle his company previously identified.

No longer needing to purchase expensive antique parts to maintain his equipment, DOTVOX allows Byrd and his staff to focus solely on growing the business and serving their community, and less time on their communications system.


Hosted VoIP Benefits

• Reduced CapEx and OpEx
• Saved up to $14,000 in equipment costs
• Decreased chances of missing hot leads

• No missed calls
• Made lead distribution more efficient
• Increased agent mobility
• Provides employees a single business identity

• 24/7/365, U.S.-based Support
• Faster turnaround
• Dedicated account management

“We look at every one of our calls as being worth about $3,000, so our goal is never to miss a call. The more efficient we’re going to be, the more profitable we’re going to be – and DOTVOX lets us do that.”

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