The Ease of Communications Mobility at Your Fingertips

Keep Connected to the Office

The DOTVOX mobile app is the out-of-the-office extension that makes mobile communication possible, keeping your employees connected and operating at maximum efficiency using the company’s network.

With the app, employees have access to all their normal office communication functions and features – like voice and video communication, instant messaging, and group message capabilities, for example – on preferred Android or iOS devices. Users will also have the ability to easily make system changes or configurations while mobile.


Key App Functions

Make and receive HD voice calls through your regular business number on any personal, mobile device. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Set up HD video conferences with other DOTVOX users, and add the ability to share screens as well as share files for a highly flexible, collaborative experience.

Instant message or open group chats with coworkers while mobile. Show your availability and preferred method of contact with presence notification.

All system changes, voicemails, contact information, etc., automatically synced for access on any device in real time.

Seamlessly transfer calls between office and mobile devices in real time while you’re in the middle of the call. The person on the other end of the line won’t be able to detect you’ve made a change.

Manage call settings through app as you normally would in the office. Make changes to your call forwarding settings, simultaneous ring, and other important settings while you’re at home, on the road, or in the field.


For more information on the DOTVOX mobile app and how it could work for your business, please contact a DOTVOX representative at (888) 534-4955 or If you’d like pricing information, please request a free quote here and we’ll be in touch.