How You Benefit From Call History

When your business needs to keep track of important calls, you don’t look any further than some basic VoIP features. Call history allows you to look at a log of your calls and track important details about your calls and be able to return calls. See how your business benefits from this basic feature included in your VoIP plan.

Call history has a way of benefiting many different parts of a business. All industries can find a use for this simple feature to improve their business. When you are a service provider and rely on phones to make sales or provide support, you need to be able to collect the right information from each call. Here are everyday uses your business.

Call history is a basic feature on a phone system that allows you to check the numbers you’ve called, the calls that have come in and the duration of each call. This information provides a lot of great content for your business. Keeping proper records of your calls can improve your communication, service, and efficiency.

Let’s say your business has been receiving many calls due to a television or radio ad you’ve been running during the game. You’re taking calls from many different people and a few of your prospects phone numbers have slipped through the cracks. Instead of having lost leads, you can easily check your call history and find your leads contact information so you can close a sale.

Improve the service you provide with call history. You can keep a careful record of the interactions you’ve had with clients. This will allow you to see the times and duration of calls regarding their issues. In a call center, support techs have the opportunity to see how effectively they’ve handled clients with records that indicate return calls and the times issues have been fixed. You will find trends that show how you can improve your system.

Your support center receives many calls a day. Call history tracks the duration of calls and shows you how your business is doing responding to requests. You will quickly find how long each customer has to be on call while his or her issues are addressed. With this information you can cut down call times by improving your process. It will also reveal customers that keep returning to support for issues. This will trigger a process to improve their service so the issues don’t turn them away from your business.

Call history is a simple function with great benefits. When your business needs the right tools, you can turn to VoIP to get all the tools you need from a phone system. Even the smallest of tools allows your business to improve communication, provide better service, and create a more efficient process. Just check your call history and get to know more about your business.

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