Clean the Clutter With Unified Communications

Smartphones are especially powerful tools because of how they combine many solutions in one place. Apps have extended the benefits we get from a single device and make them easily available. Unified Communications unify your tools into a single system. See how your business benefits from a hosted UC solution.

There are great benefits to having your tools in a single place. Like your smartphone, you’ll be able to handle all communication functions in your business. Unified Communications gives you the ability to call, text, videoconference, along with other advanced phone features without opening new applications. There are direct and indirect benefits to using hosted unified communications.

A Single Number:
You have a home phone, cell phone, and an office phone. When you need to be available, it’s beneficial to be in reach. Unfortunately, some people might not be able to reach you quickly because they are stuck trying every number. With hosted unified communications, you can use one number through your office phone or cell phone and be ready to take any call.

A Single Inbox:
Like your number, your inbox can also be accessed from each of your devices. No more scrambling through multiple inboxes to hear all your messages. Your inbox will become easier to maintain while giving you more flexibility when accessing messages. You can send and receive all types of messaging with hosted UC and messages can be seen on any phone you are logged into.

Everywhere Access:
You are always available when you are using hosted unified communications. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to communicate while on business trips. People can reach you as if you were sitting at your desk. Mobility is an incredible benefit for businesses that require a lot of travel time. Even if there isn’t a lot of travel time, every business can benefit from having better access to their phone system.

Efficient Communication:
Hosted Unified Communications streamlines all your regular processes. You have deeper methods to reach people and can communicate in any way that best fits the situation. From a phone call to a videoconference, there is no shortage to the tools at your disposal. You have access to all your tools at once and you are free to share, forward, and manage calls.

Unified Billing:
When you only have to go through one company to satisfy your communication needs this means you only have to deal with one bill. You no longer have to manage your own infrastructure or phone system. Your providers lowering the cost involved in keeping the system running efficiently by handling all maintenance. You no longer have to pay for separate features and get a package that includes all the tools your business needs.

Your business has the opportunity to simplify many aspects of the workplace. From travel to billing, there are many ways your communication improves the way you work. Your business will clean up the clutter of bills and save money, work more efficiently and be better prepared the everyday functions with hosted unified communications.

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