Having A Sophisticated Phone System With Hosted PBX

How would a customer respond if they called your office and were unable to leave a voicemail when they called? What if they heard a busy tone when they called your office? When customers call your business that is not the professional level they expect to be greeted. See how hosted PBX gives your business a phone system ready to take on your clients and other advancements you make to your business.


Hosted PBX boasts features designed to make your business thrive. It can be utilized by small and medium-sized businesses looking to implement sophisticated telephone systems while reducing CapEx. Small and medium-sized businesses have strict budgets to abide to and utilizing Hosted PBX is a great way to stabilize budgets while implementing top of the line phone systems.

How Your Business Benefits:

Lowering Your CapEx

You’ll quickly see how much money your business will save when using Hosted PBX. Your provider maintains your phone system and you don’t have to pay extra for maintenance or updates. There isn’t a large upfront investment in getting your office set up to handle your new phone system.

Phone Features

Hosted PBX gives you enterprise-grade features that are normally not possible for smaller businesses. With Hosted PBX you can transfer callers, set up conference calls, create hold music, use an auto attendant, and have access to virtually any feature you want out of your phone system.

One Number, Always Connected

For many businesses, it is increasingly beneficial to maintain mobility and be available while outside of the office. Hosted PBX offers solutions that keep you connected to the same telephone system you are using in your office while working from home, on-site, in another office, or traveling.

Customer Loyalty

With features like the auto attendant, call forwarding, and call waiting, your customers are being taken care of without much effort on your end. You can rest assured that your customer is well informed while waiting for you to take their call.


It is incredibly important to have a solution that can grow with your business. Hosted PBX can easily support an increase in users if you ever need to add lines to your plan. It is easy to add or remove extensions to meet your current business needs.

Hosted PBX boasts a lot of power for your business and can benefit businesses of all sizes with it’s incredible range of features.