Can I ask what your company does when your phones go down from an outage? Do your employees use cell phones in case your desk phones lose power, for example? Or do you wait it out and wait for your service to get back up and running?

If you don’t have a business continuity plan in place, DOTVOX makes that easy. Our geographically distributed hosting servers account for an industry standard 99.999% uptime, so your office is virtually always in contact–even during a power/Internet outage.

Plus, DOTVOX includes other powerful features that maximize personal and enterprise-wide connectivity, such as:

  • Call forwarding features to route calls when away from the office
  • A mobile app to make and take work calls from any location using your personal phone
  • Cross-platform communications so you can transfer calls between devices without dropping the call

Again, if you don’t have a solid outage plan in place, we really encourage you to do so. Research shows that even one hour spent out of contact with clients and potential customers can cost businesses upwards of $100,000 in lost revenue. For most, that is a highly significant loss–especially if network outages are a perennial issue.

Especially for companies prone to weather-related outages, a DOTVOX phone system can serve as a highly significant business asset. Whether your office is within reach of a hurricane, sitting on a fault-line, or tucked away in some snowy corner of the US, having a business phone system that stays online in the midst of a power outage can make the difference between making or breaking your business.

We’d be happy to give you a quick quote on a new phone system or answer any questions or comments you might have about DOTVOX. Feel free to request a no-obligation quote here or call (888) 534-4955 to speak with a VoIP specialist right away.