Stay Connected Wherever You Go

For organizations that want hosted VoIP capabilities added to their on-premise phone system, SIP Trunking with DOTVOX integrates with their existing PBX equipment to deliver modern unified communications services without removing essential call functions and benefits already provided.

Our SIP Trunking services replace trunk/line services such as T1s, PRIs, and FXS as the primary method of providing call paths into your telephone network. DOTVOX supports local, long distance, and international calling, and layers advanced VoIP features that are not possible with traditional services – giving companies a highly flexible and modern unified communications solution without requiring a large capital investment.



Integrates Existing PBX Equipment to Deliver Modern Unified Communications


Rather than completely overhaul your company communications network with expensive new equipment and switching costs, DOTVOX allows you to add premium hosted VoIP capabilities to your existing equipment at minimal cost to the enterprise.


SIP Trunks can be implemented without taking your company out of contact with customers for a single second. And, once implemented, you’ll have the ability to make and receive business calls on a mobile device to ensure you’re completely reachable in the event of a power outage or any other significant setback.


Instead of relying on basic call features or limited phone system capabilities to grow your business, your employees will have access to modern unified communications features they can now use to compete effectively in today’s competitive and technologically advanced business market.


With SIP Trunks, you won’t have to rely solely on in-house skills and resources to implement and troubleshoot your company phone system. Available 24/7/365, our SIP trunk experts are on-call to ensure your phone system is online and functioning as efficiently and as effectively as possible at all times.

Giving companies a highly flexible solution without requiring a large capital investment


Highlighted Features

  • Trunk Group Forwarding – Provides a redirection of incoming calls to a defined number when all other channels are in use.
  • Mobile App – Company employees can leverage a convenient mobile app they can use to make and receive business calls, as well as use instant messaging services on a personal smart device.
  • Mobility – Mobility allows employees to unite their desktop phone with their smartphone or tablet under one single business identity. Calls made from a mobile phone will reflect the employees work number and not their personal cellphone number.
  • Simultaneous Ring – Allows incoming calls to ring an employee’s business phone and personal communications device simultaneously.
  • Fixed Mobile Transfer – Employees will have the ability to seamlessly transfer calls in progress between their landline or cell phone with their regular business phone.
  • LD and International Deflection – LD and International Deflection allows employees to place long distance and international businesses calls using any personal device and have the charges applied to the company bill, not their personal bill.


Need more info about SIP Trunking services with DOTVOX? Give us a call at (888) 534-4955 or email to get in contact with a representative.