The Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking uses VoIP to take advantage of shared lines and allow more flexibility with communications. It is a standard communication protocol for voice and video in Unified Communications solutions. Your business will experience cost savings with a unified phone bill. See how your business benefits from utilizing VoIP resources.

Your business communication system is about improving the way you handle work everyday. You stay connected to your team and create lasting relationships with your customers. Your goals are to work effectively and provide the best service possible. SIP trunking is a great system for businesses looking for the best way to communicate at every level.

SIP Trunking is a direct connection between your organization and an Internet telephony provider. You can extend voice over IP beyond your organization’s firewalls without an IP-PSTN gateway. This is an easy and less expensive system to design, maintain, operate and upgrade. You’ll see immediate results to your business when you’re using a VoIP service.

Unified Communication
SIP Trunking allows you to utilize unified communications. This unifies your methods of communication into a single place. This means you only need to use one provider to handle your entire phone, IM, multi-media conferences and any real-time communication resources. There are many ways to customize your service to provide you with the specific tools your business needs. Either way, you only have to go through a single provider and pay one bill a month.

Cost Savings
Because one provider hosts your entire system, you can get a much better deal on all the features your business utilizes. SIP trunking connects you to an ITSP, which delivers long distance services at much better prices than other phone providers. Meanwhile, you can work more effectively with the features provided by VoIP. Presence, for example, allows you to see the status of your team so you can contact them more quickly. You’ll save time on communication and improve your work process.

How Your business Benefits from SIP Trunking

You get all the tools you need. Your business can either go with a plan that fits your needs or only pay for the services you know you need. You no longer have to move up to a plan for a single service that isn’t provided on the lower tier.

You don’t have to buy lines in blocks and instead only pay for what you need. If you have a certain amount of users, you don’t have to pay for seats you won’t use. This means you aren’t spending money on things you will not use.

Your service can grow with your company. You are free to add lines as your business grows. It’s easy to upgrade your system and add users when you need to. SIP Trunking really unlocks your business’s capabilities and improves work on an every day level.

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