Unified Communications for a Flexible Work Environment

Stay Connected Wherever You Go

In today’s mobile world, customers expect your business to be increasingly available and responsive. That’s why extending the benefits of mobile communication and collaboration to all your employees allows your business to match or exceed these growing demands.

With DOTVOX, you’ll gain the versatility, accessibility, and ease-of-use your business needs in order to stay connected internally with partners and clients. DOTVOX delivers a fully-managed, unified communications service providing rich features, functions, and a flexible work environment that can be accessed from any compatible, mobile device.

“In an industry of ever evolving technology, DOTVOX stands firm as the essential business communications tool to effectively compete in the modern landscape. From its most basic functions to its most advanced technical features, DOTVOX transforms mobility and collaboration at every level. This is the truly seamless, unified communications solutions you’ve been waiting for. Don’t miss it.”

– Jason L., Executive Sales Consultant, Trapp Technology


Benefits List

Have access to all your business contacts using any compatible tablet or cellular device. Android and iOS supported.

Make important calls and check corporate voicemail and call logs when you’re at home, out of the office, or on the road –even internationally.

Regardless of the device you use, you maintain the same business number for each. Any incoming call to the office goes directly to your personal device, wherever you are.

All incoming and outgoing business calls are routed through your corporate phone network, saving costs on long distance and international fees.

Just open the mobile app to access your business contacts and DOTVOX features.

Trained DOTVOX staff automatically maintains and upgrades your client and system, and are available to troubleshoot any issue that might arise.


Keeping up in today’s business world frequently requires an office on-the-go. DOTVOX Mobility keeps you connected, allowing you to respond quickly, answer messages, and never inconvenience whomever is reaching out to your business.



  • Access to corporate/personal directories
  • HD audio and video calls through business number
  • See and listen to voice messages
  • Messages stored to corporate voicemail
  • Access to call logs
  • Includes mute, hold, transfer, conference, call park, and call retrieve abilities
  • Quick access to call settings
  • WiFi, 3G, LTE, Cellular network supported
  • VoIP and circuit-switched calling
  • Move calls between mobile device and desk phone or computer
  • Outgoing calls routed to company network, not personal network

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