VoIP Case Study Highlights: Hosted VoIP for Real Estate

Businesses all over the states are switching to a hosted VoIP solution to modernize and improve company communications. Specifically, VoIP for real estate companies is having a particularly strong impact, allowing agencies with mobile workers to simplify their communications strategies while improving workflows in the process.

Below you’ll find a detailed play-by-play of how DOTVOX improved one Tennessee-based real estate office’s communications by implementing a hosted VoIP solution that dramatically cut costs and increased the availability of their agents out in the field.


The Problem

The real estate office came to us with several concerns, most notably with the high costs of replacing their severely outdated on-premise PBX system. They estimated new hardware would cost anywhere from $12,000 to $14,000 to outright replace the equipment, or around $700 for each replacement (and antique) power supply. Clearly, the agency saw an expensive, unsustainable pattern unraveling before their eyes.

In addition to these cost concerns, the agency also wanted to finally implement a system that would properly route incoming calls to any available agent in the event an employee wasn’t in the office to take the call. The company’s current system wasn’t particularly designed or configured to minimize missing potentially important calls, and therefore the agency wanted a solution that would ensure an employee would be able to answer business calls regardless of their physical location.


The Solution

DOTVOX worked with the real estate office to design and implement a solution that directly addressed their previously stated concerns and service needs.

With virtually no capital expenditures upon installation, DOTVOX hosted VoIP straight away saved the company the $12,000 to $14,000 on new equipment alone. Additionally, the company no longer needed to purchase antique equipment to maintain their system, so DOTVOX saved them an extra $700 they would have periodically spent on power supplies.

DOTVOX also configured a streamlined hunt group configuration for the company, allowing mobile agents to receive calls on their personal cell phones using the DOTVOX mobile app. With the app, any incoming call taken is reflected as being received by a company business number rather than the agent’s personal number.


The Result

After implementation, the real estate agency significantly reduced both capital expenditures and operating expenses with a hosted VoIP for real estate solution from DOTVOX. No longer having to spend time searching for out-of-production power supplies to maintain the equipment, the company can now reallocate those costs to more pressing or necessary company expenditures while DOTVOX takes care of all the monitoring, maintenance, and management of the system.

With their newly minted and streamlined hunt group configuration, the company minimizes the amount of missed calls the company receives—therefore maximizing the potential for closed sales or other productive calls.


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