Using the DOTVOX Mobile VoIP App


Whether you’re away from your desk, at an event, lounging at home, or you simply prefer using your personal cell phone for business calls, DOTVOX provides a user-friendly VoIP app that lets you take your work number with you wherever you are—putting business (quite literally) directly in your pocket.


Compatible Devices

The DOTVOX One mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices—including tablets—and can be downloaded directly from the Apple store or Play store like a normal app. Once there, you’ll log with your username and password to access the network and begin making and taking business calls as normal.


DOTVOX App Features

VoIP Dialer
An essential feature for any phone service (obviously) is the number dialer. Like any other dialer, you can manually make calls to new contacts in the app with the number pad. Your outgoing calls will be reflected as coming from your business number, so wherever you are in the world you’ll always maintain a professional image. 

Contact List
You’ll have access to both personal directories and enterprise directories in one convenient location on the DOTVOX app. Your personal directory is the perfect place to store new prospects and personal clients, whereas the enterprise directory is most useful for storing colleagues, vendors, and other important company numbers. Changes made to your directories will synchronize automatically across devices, so your contact list will always be up to date.

Instant Messaging and Presence
Sometimes a phone call isn’t always appropriate or needed—and sometimes a text is just the right way to send a message. No matter the reason, you can text with your colleagues (both 1:1 chats and group chats) right from the VoIP app. Your message history for each contact will be saved automatically, and you’ll be able to set your status to notify colleagues if you’re available, away, busy, in a meeting, unavailable, or any other custom notification you prefer. That way, you’ll always know where your colleagues are at and how they can be reached best—and vice versa.

Call History
View the people you’ve contacted, which callers have contacted you, your missed calls, and call durations directly from the app. Known contacts will be reflected with their name, and unknown callers will be recorded with their number and location.

Video Chat
Engage in 1:1 video chat with your colleagues for a more personal touch on your calls, or for some added professionalism when contacting important contacts when you’re out of the office.



The mobile VoIP app provides workers with the opportunity to customize their entire communications experience to do two things: 1) do what’s best for business, and 2) do what’s best for them. Rather than being confined to their desk phone—missing calls, returning calls late, using personal devices for work, etc.—employees have the power to keep business with them and represent the company in a way your competitors can’t.

For the first time in history, office employees can simplify their contact information—no more juggling personal cell numbers, work cell numbers, and office phone numbers on business cards or to prospective clients. Wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, they can pick up the device that they prefer most to facilitate a productive and powerful business conversation. No more missed calls. No more phone tag.

For employers, embracing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy cuts out the need for buying employees new office phones or cell phones—significantly reducing your capital expenditures and operating expenses. What’s more? You won’t have to train employees how to use new tablets or phones—saving you plenty of time spent away from doing actual productive work.


Want to know more about the DOTVOX VoIP app? Explore our service plans here or ask our friendly DOTVOX staff at 888-534-4955.

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