You would probably prefer to spend less on a business phone system, I assume?

DOTVOX, quite frankly, is one of the most affordable business phone systems on the American market today. There’s no extra equipment to pay for, install, or maintain, so ‎your business can spend that money saved on more important projects and services.

And, if you’re worried about quality of service, DOTVOX is built one of the world’s most sought-after UC platforms, delivering highly powerful communications at a highly cost-effective price point.

So what’s the worry? We’re hosting phones for Vinum 55 in Scottsdale, Arizona and they’ve already started saving. (Still skeptical? Check out how much we saved a RE/MAX office in Tennessee in this case study.)


But What if Cloud Hosting your Phone System Will Cost Too Much?

Are you worried a hosted DOTVOX phone system won’t be a cost-effective solution for your company?

If you’re starting to feel that way, that’s still good news. DOTVOX also provides on-premise communications services, covering everything from hardware procurement and network design to solution deployment and system management. Whatever you need to stay cost-effective, we can do it.

We’ve actually implemented on-premise systems for major organizations like Kawasaki and the Modern Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, so I’m confident we can work something out if a hosted phone system isn’t scalable for your business.

If you feel like an on-premise solution might be a better fit, please let us know.

Call 888-534-4955 to speak with a DOTVOX specialist or click here to request a free, no-obligation quote. You can also learn more about our on-premise business phone systems here.