Who is DOTVOX?

At Your Service

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, DOTVOX is a premier hosted VoIP provider specializing in the cost-effective and powerful delivery of communications services to clients of all industries, sizes, and budgets across the U.S.

Any Solution, Any Industry

DOTVOX streamlines overall business processes and productivity by combining voice, video, and text communications into a single, self-administered VoIP network.

Healthcare staff gains valuable communications tools for vital contact between patients, caregivers, families, and administrators—resulting in better patient care and quicker decision-making.

By leveraging DOTVOX’s VoIP services, financial firms ensure contact between clients, vendors, partners, and employees is seamless and crystal clear to avoid damaging inaccuracies.

Regardless of physical location, a cloud-hosted VoIP phone system ensures successful collaboration efforts between geographically distributed team members and/or offices.

The DOTVOX mobile app provides project managers and workers with a dynamic communications tool to better organize and monitor projects, finances, supplies, and budgets.

Feature Rich

DOTVOX’s E-Rate certified solutions provide education districts and campuses secure, efficient connectivity between administrators, educators, and community members.

Hosted VoIP technology improves employee productivity and efficiency to better support overall sales and customer service objectives.

Feature-rich business VoIP phone systems improve customer experiences, wait times, and calls answered while generating opportunities for new business.

DOTVOX affords in-office admin and mobile agents the flexibility to share valuable contact information in real time across desktop and mobile devices for a keen advantage over the competition.

DOTVOX delivers a powerful suite of advanced features necessary for seamless collaboration and secure file-sharing capabilities between PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

A Sampling of DOTVOX Clients