Even if you still have plenty of time left on your current phone contract, just bear with me and roleplay for a second:

Let’s say the battery life on your phone dwindles to 1% during an extremely important phone call, but you certainly can’t afford to drop it. What’s your plan?

If you had a normal business phone system, you would either have to wrap the call up quickly or tell the people on the other line you’ll give them a call back on a different device. Depending on your provider, you may have to call your contacts back on a different phone number altogether, which may appear as unprofessional and careless overall.

However, if you had a DOTVOX phone system, you could dial *11 on any computer, tablet, or IP phone and the call will hop right over to the new device without interruption. The person(s) on the other end will literally never know you switched and the conversation would carry on as normal.

It’s called “call pulling.” It’s such a basic feature, yet so powerful as it can be useful in so many situations. Whether you’re in an emergency or simply stepping out to lunch, call pulling truly puts an end to “let me call you back.”

Regardless of the device on the call or the device pulling the call, conversations can seamlessly transfer between the two with ease. Take a call on your cell phone with the DOTVOX mobile app, transfer it to your computer, then pull it to a tablet–all without skipping a beat.

If you’d like to explore other star codes like the one I mentioned above, I’ve listed them all in this blog post for your records.

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