What’s Included in the DOTVOX VoIP User Dashboard


When you’ve got a powerful VoIP communications tool at your fingertips, it’s nice to know a user dashboard gives you granular control over each individual aspect of your plan.

From voicemail settings to call forwarding, from call history to downloadable databases, your DOTVOX user dashboard provides each employee with a personal, web-based VoIP portal that allows them to adjust their user experience from anywhere they have an Internet connection.


My Messages

Your personal VoIP user dashboard stores all voicemail messages left to your office phone number and can be retrieved any time you have an Internet connection. Voicemail recordings can be played and paused as normal, and include information like call urgency, caller number, call date, call time, and fax number for each message if available. Dashboard users have the ability to refresh their voicemail messages, customize voicemail settings, delete messages, or download recordings if they wish.


My Features

Perhaps the most dynamic area in your VoIP controls is a features tab that houses the bulk of your customizable VoIP user options. Most commonly, these areas of the user portal will include the following customizable options (but not limited to):

  • Mobile app configurations
  • Softphone download
  • Call forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Remote office
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Forward unanswered calls
  • Call waiting
  • Business continuity settings
  • Reject callers
  • Call center configurations
  • Barge in
  • Sequential ring
  • Dialer for Chrome™
  • Hoteling guest

With an abundance of features to control and customize, each employee will gain the opportunity to adjust their availability and functionality as much or as little as they’d prefer. Within each feature section, users can turn capabilities on, off, or manually change them in order to fit their preferences or precise needs.


My Rules

Special rules within the user dashboard deal most heavily with employee availability and personal schedules, and holiday schedules for the company. Using the VoIP user controls, employees can customize their selective call forwarding settings, email accounts to receive call notifications, and set custom schedule events to take effect at the designated time(s).


My Numbers

VoIP user dashboards give employees access to their enterprise and personal directory to create and edit contact information. Each directory is listed with first name, last name, phone number, and a “call” action to quickly call contacts directly from the dashboard. Changes to each directory are synchronized automatically and updated in real-time, so alterations to contact information are reflected immediately across all Internet capable devices. Speed dial settings can also be managed and customized in this area, as well as an option to export the enterprise directory to a .csv file.


My Call History

The call history tab is pretty self-explanatory in that it keeps a comprehensive list of employees’ incoming, outgoing, and missed calls for their company phone number. The list includes start date, start time, caller ID, call duration, city, state, zip code, and type of call if available. Employees using the VoIP portal can organize and search this list based on those criteria, and can export their call history to .csv if needed.


Explore our DOTVOX plans and see the VoIP user dashboard for yourself!

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