Why VoIP for iPad Users is a Huge Perk for Businesses


VoIP technology has increased in popularity over the last few years and it continues to gain momentum today. Many offices already have VoIP desk phones or use a mobile app on their smartphones for their day-to-day communications—but did you know VoIP for iPad and tablet users offers additional benefits?

It may seem strange at first to use your tablet to make or take phone calls, but it’s actually extremely convenient for many workers—especially when they’re out of the office. With most VoIP applications, employees have access to an abundance of rich features while they’re out in the field, at the airport, or poolside at home, and have the ability to browse the Internet or view important files while they’re simultaneously on a call. (That sounds like productivity bliss if you ask us.)


VoIP App for Tablets

To get VoIP on an iPad or Android tablet, users will download the very same VoIP app they use on their smartphones. There’s no special or separate iPad VoIP app needed for download, and the app can be downloaded directly from the Google or iOS app store. Convenient, huh?

Once the app’s been downloaded, users have access to the exact features they normally would on their smartphone with the exact same functionality. Premium features like virtual collaboration rooms, instant messaging, and video chat capabilities are right there at the employee’s fingertips and can be accessed any time, anywhere.

What sets iPad work efforts apart from smartphone work efforts is the desktop functionality a tablet is able to provide while still remaining mobile and agile like a smaller VoIP device. Users can easily plug in a set of headphones and have a full-fledged business meeting wherever he or she may be with the ability to review spreadsheets, hosted applications, and other business-critical assets while on a call.




As mentioned before, the mobility gained from using VoIP on your tablet is perhaps the most prominent benefit for out-of-office employees. Smartphones can be frustrating to work with when you need full or highly visible access to critical files, and using a laptop isn’t always the most convenient option. Leveraging the VoIP app on your iPad, however, allows employees to make the most out of their time away from the office using a quality tool guaranteed to perform.


When using a tablet for their office communications, your employees will have full-on access to your VoIP solution’s most valuable features and capabilities wherever they are. Additionally, users will be able make and take important calls with HD audio and video (thank you, iPad!) for quality contact every time. In addition to common telephony features, your tablet communication features include:

  • Call history
  • Call settings control
  • Call directory integration
  • Headset support
  • Native mobile network calling
  • Notifications
  • Twin to office phone
  • Contact management tools
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Messaging history
  • Virtual collaboration room

Cross Platform Communications

With the ability to transfer communications between devices, employees have the ability to switch to or from their iPad if needed. For example, if an employee answers a call from her desk phone but needs to share a file stored on her iPad, that employee can seamlessly transfer that conversation to her iPad with no lapse in communication. For workers who are constantly in and out of the office, this can be a particularly useful capability.


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