Integrating CRM (customer relationship management) software with a phone system can be an extremely useful tool for a variety of businesses, yet most companies I talk to don’t even realize this is an available option for them.

Can I ask if that sounds like your company? If you aren’t already doing so, we urge you to consider it.

Why should I integrate my phone system with my CRM software?

There are loads of benefits to connecting your phone system to your CRM software. Leveraging a phone system with CRM integration capabilities like DOTVOX gives your employees more visibility into who’s calling them while also increasing their preparedness for spontaneous interactions with important leads or company contacts.

That can be a significant time-saver and productivity booster for a large percentage of your workforce, and can even make the difference between a good or bad first impression for the person calling.

In addition to the above, DOTVOX allows your employees to:

  • Receive and send caller details more quickly
  • Improve call handling and caller experiences
  • Easily add notes on other CRM activities while on the call
  • Locate and quickly dial contacts from the CRM database
  • Know who is calling before the call is answered
  • See the availability/presence of other site users

All these benefits combined allow your employees to be more agile and effective every day, which can ultimately increase “business won” for your company overall. That’s not a bad perk if you ask me.

Will DOTVOX Work with My Company’s CRM Software?

DOTVOX can integrate with a wide variety of major (and lesser-known) CRM systems, so there’s a good chance we can work with yours.

If you’re not sure yours will work, feel free to call a DOTVOX representative at (888) 534-4955 to receive more information on compatible software.

You can also schedule a quote here if you’d like to compare DOTVOX pricing to your current phone provider and we’ll be in touch shortly.