When it comes to using video conferencing solutions in your office, you’ve probably used Skype to video chat, right? Maybe Google Hangouts or Slack?

They’re no doubt great tools for peer-to-peer video chatting, but they’re honestly not super safe in the office, and here’s why:

Since you either have to a) create yet another account and password for yet another client, or b) potentially use a personal account for business interactions, things can get complicated—and quite frankly, insecure.

If your company had DOTVOX, however, you’d have a video conferencing client built right into your regular phone system. You’d essentially eliminate the need for 3rd party clients to download, the risks associated with using personal accounts on company property, and the need for multiple usernames and passwords to keep track of. Good, right?

All your colleagues would be available right at your fingertips, as well. Since your professional email and contact list is built into the platform, that makes collaboration incredibly quick and easy. Plus, using DOTVOX’s virtual collaboration rooms means you and your colleagues could video chat while sharing and working on team documents in real time for some added productivity.

You can even leverage DOTVOX’s mobile app to participate in a video chat. The DOTVOX app is a thin, streamlined mobile client, so it won’t slow down your phone or drain your battery down like other mobile video applications do.

If you’re curious about DOTVOX’s video conferencing client, we’d be happy to schedule a call and set up a live demo. Feel free to give us a call at (888) 534-4955 and a DOTVOX representative will walk you through the different features and functions of our video conferencing solution.

You’re also welcome to schedule a free quote here to see how much DOTVOX can save your company on monthly telecommunications costs.