Provide Better Customer Satisfaction With Call Queue

Your company can take a lot of calls every day. With call queue, you have complete control over how to direct your calls when they come in. You can customize your call queue in real time so you can respond best at any given time. An effective call queue design will ensure that your business can accommodate customers at a satisfactory level.

A call queue is a great way to redirect calls during high call volumes. This can come in handy in call centers that have to provide a lot of support or interact heavily with customers. When you utilize a VoIP service you have a lot of tools at your disposal that will allow you to customize your solution to fit your needs at any time.

When your business receives call, it is important to make an excellent impression. When people are forced to wait, it can be the cause of a lot of frustration and potentially damage the relationship you have with that customer. In order to retain customers, your business needs to utilize the tools provided by VoIP. VoIP gives you the best tools to improve your communication and be a reliable company to do business with.

How it works
Call queue allows you to set up a system that will ensure that calls are always directed to somebody who can answer. Stations are logically grouped together to take incoming calls. When calls are placed in the call queue, they will continue to cycle through each station until somebody is available to answer. This feature can be edited to work in different ways.

Simultaneous Ring
With this setting, all your calls are set up to ring at every phone and the first person to answer will take over. As a person becomes busy with a call, the number of phones ringing will decrease because the person who is busy will not receive incoming calls.

Sequential Ring
If you want calls to go into your group in a certain sequence you can set up an order in which the stations will be called. The first station will ring and if they are busy, the call will then jump to the next station. Call queue is a great way to customize the way your phones ring in a strategic way. With sequential ring for example, your first line of defense could be somebody new who needs to take as many calls as possible. Because their phone rings first, they are able to get the most training in a day.

One of the greatest features of your VoIP service is the reporting available. You can easily track many different stats so you can analyze how effectively your call queue is going on any given day. There are several metrics that will reveal any changes you have to make to your queue in order to better serve customers.

Call Queue Stats (Overall Queue Metrics)

  • Number of Agents Staffed (avg.)
  • Number of Agents Talking (avg.)
  • Wait Time
  • Calls Answered
  • Calls Abandoned
  • Calls Abandoned (avg. in sec.)
  • Calls Timed Out
  • Calls Transferred
  • Busy Overflows

Agent Stats (Agent Specific Metrics)

  • Number of Calls on Hold
  • Average Call Time
  • Number of Calls Unanswered
  • Total Talk Time
  • Total Staffed Time

All of these stats allow you to make strategic choices about how to set up your queue and provide a better experience for callers. VoIP provides incredibly powerful tools that will advance the way your business works on an every day basis. Call queue is one of many tools that you can benefit from when setting up an Internet phone.

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