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Leverage Business Collaboration

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Although DOTVOX is a powerful business phone system in itself, it isn’t just for making and receiving phone calls as you might expect. Instead, it's a versatile business collaboration tool that companies can leverage to strengthen internal and external communications at every possible level. For example, DOTVOX provides dozens of collaboration-centric features that can be leveraged to facilitate more [...]

DOTVOX Select Plan

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Do you ever wonder if you're paying too much for your company phone system? Depending on your employee count, industry, and/or call requirements, you might be paying way more than you need to on your communications costs. How? Because even if your business only needs basic phone system features, it's not uncommon for major phone providers [...]

DOTVOX Unified Communications [Video]

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Highlights: DOTVOX Unified Communications   Picture this: you’re expecting an important call from a client in the next few minutes, but suddenly the power goes out in the office. What should you do? Or, here’s another one: the battery life on your computer dwindles to 1% during your conference call, but you most [...]