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Call Forwarding Tips for Mobile Workers

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Call Forwarding: Best Practices   With mobile or remote workforces growing more and more common, call forwarding features allowed by a hosted VoIP system can do companies and their out-of-office employees a world of good if utilized properly. Rather than juggling work and personal numbers for each employee, business VoIP solutions allow employees to route [...]

Switching PBX Solutions is Easy. Here’s How.

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3 Reasons to Change PBX Solutions   When a company is stuck with a crappy office phone service, usually one of two things happen: A). They count down the days until their contract is over, or B). They stick with the bad service because they think it’ll be too difficult, too time-consuming, and/or too expensive to [...]

On Premise PBX vs. Cloud Based PBX: Which is Right For Me?

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Choosing Between On Premise PBX and Cloud Based PBX Systems Whether you’re shopping around or just browsing, we’ve laid out the differences between an on-premise PBX and a cloud based PBX phone system—and what that means for your business. What does PBX stand for? In order for companies to have a working phone system for [...]

5 Things to Look for in a Hosted VoIP Service Plan

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Find the Perfect VoIP Service Plan So, you’re interested in a hosted VoIP plan, eh? Here are 5 major tips to help you find the perfect VoIP service plan for your organization.   Find a scalable plan Your company has growing needs so it’s best to find a solution that can fully accommodate that growth [...]

The True Cost of VoIP: Examining VoIP Costs

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How VoIP Costs Change Be wary of some of the VoIP services out there. Learn how the costs can add up from provider to provider and get the best solution for your business. There are many ways your bill can skyrocket and it is important to be aware of what your VoIP provider is really [...]

Top 3 Benefits of Call Recording

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How To Use Powerful Call Recording Features A phone system with call recording features allows you to record all calls at any time. This feature can be used in many ways to improve your business. You can use recordings to track all your calls and use them as reference for training materials or previous calls [...]

Collaboration With Meet Me Conferencing

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Using Meet Me Conferencing Collaboration Tools Collaborating with your team is an important part of every day in the workplace. It is always a hassle when you are unable to meet with your team physically. When your team is constantly on the move or you have to work with others in different locations, you need [...]

Using Call Queue Successfully

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Provide Better Customer Satisfaction With Call Queue Your company can take a lot of calls every day. With call queue, you have complete control over how to direct your calls when they come in. You can customize your call queue in real time so you can respond best at any given time. An effective call [...]

How To Use Call Forward On VoIP

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Call Forward On Your VoIP Solution For an office environment, it’s amazing how practical features like call forward can be. Recently, I heard about an office environment that required employees to share numbers and extensions with callers in order to get them to the right party. Call forward solutions for many people are an extra [...]

Extend Your Office With Hoteling VoIP Solutions

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Using Hoteling For A Temporary Workspace One of the biggest advantages of using a VoIP service for your communication solution is the ability to access your phone from anywhere. With the hoteling feature, you can turn any desk with a phone into a workspace. Learn more about how you can extend your productivity with the [...]