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Five Things Businesses Need to Know

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DOTVOX delivers a fully managed, flexible communications service that allows IT to innovate and focus on high value projects since they don’t have to allocate resources to manage their phone system. People across all parts of a business are using mobile devices whether they are working from home, temporarily out of the office, at a [...]


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Whether your phone system is faltering or your service contract is expiring soon, we thought you might like to browse these FAQs to answer a few essential questions like: When should I cancel my current service? How much does DOTVOX cost? What are the contract terms? All that said, let's get started. When Should I Cancel My [...]

Working Inside of the DOTVOX VAR Program

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What do unparalleled control of the customer, white glove support, and generous residual earnings every month have in common? These are the three biggest selling points for our DOTVOX VAR Partners, of course! JS Consulting, a recent addition to our VAR Program, had this to say about working with us and referring DOTVOX business on their own: [...]

Cut Costs on Company Phones

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Here is a quick tip to help you cut a few costs on company phones: Rather than purchasing or leasing desktop phones for each employee in the company, DOTVOX gives your employees a mobile app instead that turns their personal cell phone into—you guessed it—a versatile, high-powered, mobile business communications device at minimal cost to [...]

Switching Phone Providers

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Honestly, there's never an easy time to switch phone systems. Even when it's not your busy season, switching providers takes time, work, and a lot of patience. That’s why DOTVOX has geared its onboarding process to be as quick and efficient as possible to completely minimize your company's time spent out of contact. A phone system is critical to [...]

How to Use vFax Services | DOTVOX Virtual Fax

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Guide: How to send a vFax   Shorthand for “virtual fax,” vFax is a modern fax solution that allows businesses to send, receive, and view fax messages virtually rather than using a traditional fax machine line. Broken into two sections below, we’ve included steps on how easy it is to use the DOTVOX fax over IP [...]

Star Code Quick Reference Guide

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Getting Started with Star Codes   Whether you refer to them as star codes, feature access codes (FAC), or vertical service codes (VSC), here’s a quick short cut guide you or your users can use to access a variety of call functions directly from a phone on the fly. *Note: Depending on your office [...]

Guide: How to Reset a Polycom VVX Series Phone

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How to Factory Reset a Polycom VVX Phone Polycom’s VVX 300, 400, 500, and 600 Series phones are highly popular office phones, serving thousands of businesses, schools, and organizations across the nation daily. So, when the time comes to reconfigure or reset your VVX Series model for whatever reason, follow these easy steps to get [...]

How to Fix Call Echo Issues

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How to Troubleshoot Your Call Echo Problems When you’re in the middle of an important business call, even a small audio distraction can cause a world of pain. Call echo problems, specifically, plague many office workers and can be a significant source of anxiety for those making important calls on a daily basis. So, rather [...]