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Cloud-hosted VoIP and the BYOD Revolution

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How you’ve everything to gain Businesses are growing increasingly mobile in order to add flexibility and productivity to their workforce. To maximize their efforts, a hosted VoIP service with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place is an attractive solution for businesses that want to accommodate this productive shift in company communication strategies. [...]

Build a Better BYOD Policy: 5 Steps

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In order to successfully implement a VoIP solution for your company, you’ll need a BYOD policy in place. This policy is meant to define which devices and apps your employees can or can’t use, and establish clear guidelines regarding device security, service, and acceptable use policies. Below you’ll find basic tips on how to create [...]

How a VoIP BYOD Policy Works for Businesses

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Useful Tips for Implementing a VoIP BYOD Policy In order for businesses and employees to benefit from a cost-effective mobility solution, a VoIP BYOD policy can be implemented to protect the company and its users before giving them the tools to drive business forward with full force.   BYOD Policy Benefits Cost Savings Rather than [...]