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Phone Service Down?

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If your business phone service goes down, whose fault is it? Your phone provider? Bad or faulty hardware? The electric company? Your ISP? When you're scrambling for answers and losing valuable business opportunities worth thousands of dollars by the minute, not knowing who to call in an emergency can be salt in the wound. To [...]

Solving Business Phone Outages

By |2018-02-05T05:21:52+00:00January 16th, 2018|DOTVOX Service Plans, VoIP|

Can I ask what your company does when your phones go down from an outage? Do your employees use cell phones in case your desk phones lose power, for example? Or do you wait it out and wait for your service to get back up and running? If you don’t have a business continuity plan [...]

4 Smart Ways to Save with Hosted Telephony

By |2017-12-20T05:00:58+00:00September 23rd, 2016|Hosted PBX, Phones, VoIP|

Cutting Costs with Hosted Telephony   Rather than sticking with a traditional phone system for daily office communications, a hosted telephony solution saves small businesses some serious cash on their overall IT bills. Below we’ve highlighted the top four ways a hosted system can cut costs for a small business like yours.   1.    No [...]