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How to Fix Call Echo Issues

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How to Troubleshoot Your Call Echo Problems When you’re in the middle of an important business call, even a small audio distraction can cause a world of pain. Call echo problems, specifically, plague many office workers and can be a significant source of anxiety for those making important calls on a daily basis. So, rather [...]

Welcome to the Modern Business Phone System

By |2017-12-27T20:47:32+00:00June 8th, 2016|DOTVOX Service Plans, Hosted PBX, Phones, Virtual Fax, VoIP|

The early 90’s called and they want their phones back. It’s the 21st century, but is your business phone system still holding your business in the dark ages? If you’re missing calls after hours, having to manually transfer to different extensions, or don’t even have extensions, then you’d be happy to learn that advanced phone [...]

3 Valuable Hosted PBX Features for Large Enterprises

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Get Ahead with these 3 Valuable Hosted PBX Features   For some enterprises, an on-premise PBX system just isn’t cost-effective. Instead, a hosted VoIP solution offers a cost-efficient yet powerful tool set that can accommodate the most demanding business communication and customer care needs. Below we’ve highlighted 3 valuable hosted PBX features and how they [...]