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Extend Your Company’s Ability to Communicate

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Shopping for a new business phone system? DOTVOX is a full-featured VoIP solution designed to give businesses the versatility, accessibility, and ease-of-use they need in order to stay connected internally, with partners, and clients. As a cloud-hosted unified communications service, it provides rich benefits, critical functions, and a flexible work environment that boosts communicative and [...]

Company Cell Phones: Employee BYOD Solution

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Do you provide cell phones for your employees by chance? If not, have you thought about letting your employees use their own smartphones for work? By letting employees use their personal phones to make business calls through the DOTVOX mobile app, ‎you‎ can reduce significant costs on company-provided phones and data plans. For some companies, that [...]

Cut Costs on Company Phones

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Here is a quick tip to help you cut a few costs on company phones: Rather than purchasing or leasing desktop phones for each employee in the company, DOTVOX gives your employees a mobile app instead that turns their personal cell phone into—you guessed it—a versatile, high-powered, mobile business communications device at minimal cost to [...]

Cloud-hosted VoIP and the BYOD Revolution

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How you’ve everything to gain Businesses are growing increasingly mobile in order to add flexibility and productivity to their workforce. To maximize their efforts, a hosted VoIP service with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place is an attractive solution for businesses that want to accommodate this productive shift in company communication strategies. [...]

What is a BYOD policy?

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A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy lets employees use their personal phone or computer as a work device—and it’s the future whether you like it or not. In fact, according to Syntonic, 87% of businesses already rely on employees using their personal devices to access business apps. At DOTVOX, we understand just how important this growing trend is. [...]

What is Simultaneous Ring?

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What Simultaneous Ring Does and How It can Help   Simultaneous ring is a hosted PBX feature that allows users to designate one number that will activate their mobile, office, and home devices simultaneously when called. Commonly shortened and referred to as “sim ring” or “SimRing,” this feature is used to ensure the user is [...]

DOTVOX VoIP App: Features and Uses

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Using the DOTVOX Mobile VoIP App   Whether you’re away from your desk, at an event, lounging at home, or you simply prefer using your personal cell phone for business calls, DOTVOX provides a user-friendly VoIP app that lets you take your work number with you wherever you are—putting business (quite literally) directly in your [...]

Switching PBX Solutions is Easy. Here’s How.

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3 Reasons to Change PBX Solutions   When a company is stuck with a crappy office phone service, usually one of two things happen: A). They count down the days until their contract is over, or B). They stick with the bad service because they think it’ll be too difficult, too time-consuming, and/or too expensive to [...]

How a VoIP BYOD Policy Works for Businesses

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Useful Tips for Implementing a VoIP BYOD Policy In order for businesses and employees to benefit from a cost-effective mobility solution, a VoIP BYOD policy can be implemented to protect the company and its users before giving them the tools to drive business forward with full force.   BYOD Policy Benefits Cost Savings Rather than [...]

What is Business Mobile VoIP and How Does It Work?

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Business Mobile VoIP: A Modern Solution in Mobility Business mobile VoIP (also known as VoIP mobility) is a common solution that allows employees to make and receive calls on their personal smart devices while using their company phone number and network—which is a huge perk for companies with mobile employees—but how exactly does it work? [...]