3 Reasons to Change PBX Solutions


When a company is stuck with a crappy office phone service, usually one of two things happen:

A). They count down the days until their contract is over, or

B). They stick with the bad service because they think it’ll be too difficult, too time-consuming, and/or too expensive to switch.

If you identify most with choice B, say it ain’t so! DOTVOX offers a truly quicker, easier, more cost-effective way to switch PBX solutions—and here’s how.


Myth #1: Switching VoIP providers is too difficult

Once you’ve chosen DOTVOX, the hardest part about switching is breaking up with your current PBX provider. We get it…it’s awkward. However, your provider also knows that business is business and it’s nothing personal. So, depending on your service agreement, a 30 to 60 day written notice before your contract’s end is required to signal your non-renewal.

Once that’s done, our staff will guide you through your next steps to getting your new PBX system. We’re experts in switching people from one VoIP solution to another, so we’ll be able to walk you through every single step like it’s the back of our hand. Easy as that.


Myth #2: Switching VoIP companies takes too long

As stated before, once you’ve given your current provider your written notice, you’re already on the path toward a new PBX solution for your company.

However, where some companies might avoid getting a new provider to avoid the lengthy provisioning process, DOTVOX has a solution that lets those companies minimize the process as much as possible. Rather than spending hours on the phone setting up each individual phone, DOTVOX works with you before you get your phones so they’ll arrive on your doorstep ready to go—literally right out of the box.

We understand that for every second you spend out of contact, you’re losing money, productivity, and a professional image. That’s why we do our part to speed the implementation process and offer a seamless transition between providers to keep you available and doing business every step of the way.


Myth #3: Switching VoIP plans is too expensive

Switching to VoIP is cost-effective for most businesses, no doubt. What’s not cost-effective, however, is sticking with a phone plan that doesn’t perform the way it should. When your system isn’t working perfectly, you’re increasing your risk of losing potential business—whether it’s from a dropped call, a poor phone connection, an incorrectly routed call, or even worse—a total PBX system outage. When you stick with a poor service, you’re reducing your cost-efficiency and potentially wasting a major investment—so why roll the dice?

DOTVOX doesn’t require any special equipment for installation and it fully supports a BYOD policy for companies that want to cut costs even further. Plus, at the end of the day, DOTVOX is backed by a managed services provider to give you some added piece of mind. That sounds like damn good value to us.


Not convinced yet? Trust us: switching PBX solutions has never been easier.


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