Do you ever have trouble hearing someone on the other end of the phone at work? Or do they sometimes have trouble hearing you?

If you’re like me, not being able to understand someone over the phone is a huge source of anxiety, especially when an extremely important client is speaking to you on the other end.

That’s why DOTVOX has done its best to eliminate muffled or spotty phone calls so you can finally hear and communicate with important clients and contacts more clearly.  A DOTVOX phone system functions over the Internet rather than through a regular landline, which makes HD quality voice communications back and forth between callers possible.

Such a clear connection make your phone calls sound as if the person on the other end is right there in the room with you (rather than speaking to you in a wind tunnel or through a pillow). For some users, that may make all the difference between earning a client’s business or not. In our opinion, that is a highly significant and undervalued detail of VoIP technology.

Even further, DOTVOX also has acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology built into its network and only offers high-quality conference phones to ensure your calls stay as crystal clear as possible. Each HD conference phone DOTVOX offers in its service plans (full list found here) includes:

  • Packet loss concealment
  • Adaptive jitter buffers
  • Low-delay audio packet transmission
  • Background noise suppression

Last, companies can get all of these call quality benefits for less than what they currently pay on a business phone system. So what’s the wait?

We would really like to get you on the phone so you can hear what an HD quality phone call sounds like, so please give us a call at (888) 534-4955 and we’ll be in touch. You are also free to request a quote here for a side-by-side cost comparison with your current business phone provider.