11 Critical VoIP Call Center Features

Whether you’re choosing between VoIP providers or learning about hosted call centers in general, look no further: we’ve listed 11 key VoIP call center features your company needs for a sturdy and well-equipped deployment.


VoIP Call Center Features


User/Supervisor Dashboards – Company agents and supervisors have access to web-based management tools that can be used customize the users’ VoIP experience or company-wide settings. While call center agents can adjust call forwarding numbers, availability settings, and call forwarding preferences, supervisors can control hunt group configurations, reporting features, auto-attendant settings, and more.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – ACD is a call distribution feature that routes incoming callers to an agent based on certain criteria, such as expertise, availability setting, location, or any other custom setting.

Hunt Groups – Incoming calls either ring a predefined group of call center agents simultaneously or in sequence until the call is answered.

Inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Based on their voice responses, inbound callers can be routed to the appropriate agent group with different options for business hours and non-business hours.

Outbound Calling – A call center has the ability to make outbound calls in order to support outbound dialing campaigns.

Queued Call Prioritization – Queued calls can be prioritized based on time spent in the queue.

Queuing – Callers are placed in a queue with entrance music and personalized hold messages until the call is finally taken by an agent.

Receptionist Client – Using a telephony client, front-of-office attendants can screen and route inbound calls for enterprises manually.

Recording – Allows call center agents and administrators to record, store, organize, and access recordings of customer calls to monitor quality control or for issue resolution.

Reporting – Supervisors can monitor performance statistics for individual users or for the call queue, and have the ability to both schedule and customize the reports.

Whisper Announcements – Agents answering ACD calls can hear a custom whisper announcement before being connected to an inbound call.

With all the above features stacking in your company’s favor, both call center supervisors and agents will have the proper tools they need to completely maximize the quality of your company’s customer service. Outstanding customer service can make critical difference in establishing healthy customer relationships or damaging them, so it’s crucial your company has everything it needs to streamline its support processes from end-to-end.

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