4 Primary Options for Internet Phones


Businesses switching VoIP providers or adopting VoIP technology for the first time have quite a few device options for their day-to-day voice communications. Rather than buying a boatload of new Internet phones for employees right off the bat, here are a few ways in which businesses can save with their brand new hosted VoIP system.


Option 1: Desktop VoIP Softphone


Included with most hosted VoIP services is a desktop softphone feature, which allows employees to use their office computer or laptop as their primary phone device. Available at no cost, employees will be able to make calls, receive calls, and use other basic-to-advanced telephony features directly from the provided software.

By leveraging this softphone feature, businesses with VoIP call centers or high volumes of employees have the ability to save significant amounts of money by supplying headsets rather than physical Internet phones to make and take calls. Additionally, company supervisors will have direct and detailed access to call recording and reporting features made available through the web-based VoIP user dashboard.


Option 2: Mobile VoIP App


Also included with most hosted communications systems is a mobile VoIP app each employee can download directly to their Android or iOS smart device, including iPads and other tablets. New employees can download the app from the Google Play or App Store as they would any other phone application. Once logged in, they will have the opportunity to make inbound and outbound voice calls as normal.

In addition to regular calls, the VoIP app also lets employees instant message contacts, video chat with colleagues, and access loads of other powerful telecommunication features that allow them to be as productive as possible when out of the office. Any contact an employee makes will be reflected as having come from their business number (rather than their personal number) unless they choose otherwise. Any incoming call to an employees device will prompt him or her to choose to answer using either their personal device or the VoIP app—allowing each employee to represent the company as professionally as possible—regardless of their physical location.

If a company chooses to implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for its employees, a significant amount of money can be saved on desk phone, cell phone, and data plan purchases since each employee is responsible for the cost of their own phone.


Option 3: Lease Desktop IP Phones


Still need desk phones, but worried about costs? No worries. Hosted VoIP providers often offer opportunities to rent employee phones rather than purchasing them outright. This is particularly beneficial for companies who don’t want to worry about replacing or upgrading hardware on a regular basis—saving enterprises significant amounts on capital expenditures, as well as making operating costs much more consistent and predictable.


Option 4: Just Buy Already!


Sometimes, buying just makes sense! Whether it’s just one phone or one hundred, VoIP companies have a variety of Internet phones and add-on options to keep you covered. Ranging from basic IP phones to enterprise-level conference phones with all the bells and whistles, companies will find a premium array of quality Internet phones they can invest in to strengthen the foundation of their company’s communications and remain cost-effective in the long term.


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