Call Forward On Your VoIP Solution

For an office environment, it’s amazing how practical features like call forward can be. Recently, I heard about an office environment that required employees to share numbers and extensions with callers in order to get them to the right party. Call forward solutions for many people are an extra cost. See how adopting a VoIP solution will make call forward a norm for your office phone system.

When your business takes a lot of calls through a main number, it is important to have the ability to forward calls to the relevant extension. Call forward features allow you to do this in different ways. VoIP solutions typically come equipped with these capabilities and allow you to forward calls in the most effective way.

Call Forward Always
This feature enables a user to redirect all incoming calls to another phone number. This option allows you to send incoming calls directly to one place or another. When this option is required, you do have to specify the forwarding number. You can also disable this feature and it is easy to see if the feature is enabled.

Call Forward Busy
This feature allows a user to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call encounters a busy condition. This is especially beneficial when you take a lot of important calls. Instead of callers waiting indefinitely for a call to end, they go to another destination where somebody can answer. This forward occurs automatically, the user must specify the number to forward the call accordingly.

Call Forward No Answer
This feature will redirect calls to another destination when a call is not answered within a specified number of rings. If nobody is available to answer a call at a certain phone, you can easily forward the calls to another phone. All you have to do is specify the number and how many rings before the call goes to the next person.

Call Forward Selective
This service allows certain incoming calls to be redirected to another destination. Any call that fits your criteria can be forwarded to a specified destination. If you have somebody who calls in regularly to speak with a certain person, this feature will save you time and get them to their specified party.

You get a lot of options for call forwarding when you utilize a VoIP solution. You can easily set up your account to forward calls in specific ways. This means calls that fit certain criteria will still reach somebody. Call forward does a lot to improve your customer support and assure people that you are always available.

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