Hosted PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

//Hosted PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

Hosted PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

For larger enterprises with low to medium call volumes, a hosted PRI site package can be a cost-effective way to give employees premium VoIP features without the need to purchase and implement a new on-premise PBX phone system.

Different from a hosted PBX system, however, hosted PRI enforces site-level calling limitations in an effort to keep costs as low as possible. Instead of paying per seat, companies leveraging hosted PRI are charged based on the number of call paths that are available for each site. Employees can share these call paths, which gives companies the significant opportunity to reduce their phone bills to a fraction of what they would normally pay.



Enforces Site-Level Calling Limitations In an Effort to Keep Costs as Low as Possible


Since a hosted PRI system does not require any hardware to purchase, manage, or maintain, companies can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership without sacrificing scalability or performance.


A hosted PRI package from DOTVOX delivers the same features and functionality featured in our Premium plan – giving employees access to our mobile app, video chat services, conferencing tools, and other powerful features at a significantly reduced cost.


In the event your company experiences a power outage or any other setback affecting regular operations, employees can have their calls forwarded to a personal device to ensure they’re still completely in contact, even when they’re out of the office.


With a hosted PRI package, you won’t have to rely solely on in-house skills and resources to implement and troubleshoot your company phone system. Available 24/7/365, DOTVOX experts are on-call to ensure your phone system is online and functioning as efficiently and as effectively as possible at all times.

You won’t have to rely solely on in-house skills and resources to implement and troubleshoot your company phone system.


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If you’d like to learn more about DOTVOX’s hosted PRI services, please call us at (888) 534-4955, email, or request a meeting here.

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