It’s impossible for us to know just how much you’re paying for your company phone system at this exact moment, so could you let us know if you feel you’re paying too much? If you do feel like your current costs are high, we officially invite you to participate in a side-by-side cost comparison between DOTVOX and your current phone system provider to see how much you might be able to save with us.

Whatever your current company phone bill is, DOTVOX may be able to significantly reduce those costs so you can reinvest that capital where it really matters. In fact, we saved a nationally recognized financial company nearly 50% on their phone system–which, as you can imagine, was worth thousands of dollars.

Plus, DOTVOX saves your company money with benefits like:

  • Low CapEx, low OpEx – Off-premise equipment means there’s virtually no setup costs or pricey maintenance needs
  • Low flat rates – No nickel and diming here—just straightforward costs and high-quality service.
  • DOTVOX VoIP app – Don’t want to pay for desk phones? Make and take HD business calls directly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone instead.

Just recently we quoted an equipment rental company at literally HALF of what a competitor was quoting them for a new phone system. Just like the financial company we mentioned earlier, to say we saved them money is an understatement.

We’re seeing other money-saving results with new clients as well, so if you want to compare your costs you can get a quick DOTVOX quote here or call 888-534-4955 to get in contact with a DOTVOX representative.

It’s completely free and only takes a few minutes. Even if you’re not ready for a new phone system just yet, it’ll be a good resource to have for your records down the road.


More Cost Savings Features with DOTVOX

Think about this: DOTVOX provides businesses with multiple ways to reduce expenditures without cutting corners on service. In short, DOTVOX cuts costs with:

  • No PBX equipment – No hardware is needed to install, maintain, or upgrade.
  • No physical phones required – Software-based phones and a mobile app eliminates the need for physical phones if a company chooses
  • Flat Pricing – No charges per minute. No hidden costs. No nickel-and-diming

We’re proud to say most of our clients have switched over from other providers because we simply cost less and offered more. While we know you might not be near the end of your contract, we can still offer you a quote you can refer back to when the time comes.

On the implementation side, we’ve recently set Kawasaki up with a VoIP system to fit their budget and we’d be super happy to add you to our extensive list of trusted clients.

Again, we would be happy to give you a side-by-side comparison to benchmark costs, so let us know if we can schedule something.   Call us at 888-534-4955 or visit our service plans page to schedule an appointment.