Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is DOTVOX?

DOTVOX is a Phoenix-based premier hosted Unified Communications solutions provider, powered by Trapp Technology, one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing private companies in the United States. DOTVOX delivers enterprise-grade VoIP solutions to organizations of all sizes, bringing a mobile, comprehensive communications solution to a variety of industries. Find out Why DOTVOX is right for you!
As you compare VoIP service providers, you’ll come across many similarities in products, services, and costs. But what significantly differentiates DOTVOX from the other VoIP providers is our knowledgeable expert technicians, 24/7/364 Rescue Team, our True Plug and Play VoIP phones, and our genuine consultative approach to each client and solution. We provide all the tools necessary to support your business success. Did we mention we’re E-Rate certified and specialize in VoIP systems for multi-location enterprises? Find the answers to “why DOTVOX” here!

VoIP 101

Voice over Inter Protocol (VoIP) is a revolutionary way of making and receiving phone calls. VoIP converts your speech to data packets and transmits them through the Internet through your current broadband connection instead of your traditional hard phone line. VoIP phones carries basic VoIP business features and advanced VoIP functionalities across your desk phone, PC or laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Learn more about VoIP phones here.

With a cloud VoIP PBX solution like DOTVOX, there’s no longer a need to maintain infrastructure, equipment, or software on-premise. This hosted PBX model replaces bulky, outdated legacy telephone systems with a feature-rich, unified communications environment that works across your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and VoIP phones. Contact one of our sales representatives at 888.534.4955 or to get more information on features, functionalities, and business VoIP solutions.

Before We Start

No. Due to our expert provisioning and pre-configuration of phones, your equipment starts to work seamlessly as soon as it’s connected, so you don’t experience any interruption to your phone service during porting. Learn more about our seamless porting process and how you can experience the best VoIP services by contacting a DOTVOX sales representative at or 888.534.4955.
Generally, how much Internet bandwidth VoIP systems require is dependent on the number of concurrent calls you intend to make, so you need to ensure that you have sufficient VoIP bandwidth to handle your estimated traffic. DOTVOX requires approximately 30 to 80 kbps up/down from a DSL, Cable, T1 or fiber broadband connection. Please contact a DOTVOX Sales representative at at 888.534.4955 to get an accurate measure of your bandwidth supply.

VoIP is a complex technology that typically requires a team of certified experts to accurately provision, deploy, and support. Luckily, DOTVOX is comprised of such a qualified team, so there’s no need for additional IT personnel or resources on your end. Manage your account settings on your intuitive Admin Portal and simply plug and play your pre-configured VoIP devices to become a VoIP master! Learn more about our expertly provisioned VoIP business phone systems here.

Yes! Once we receive a signed and accurate LOA, our experts can port your toll-free number within approximately 48 hours. You’ll soon reap the benefits of a VoIP number without any disruption to your service.
Due to the high volume of all-numeric vanity phone numbers already in existence, DOTVOX does not have the option to choose your own vanity VoIP phone number available.
Your business or toll-free phone number is yours to keep and take with you in the event you no longer require DOTVOX VoIP services.
Yes! DOTVOX supports physical fax machines, as well as paperless and virtual fax.
It is imperative to confirm your account cancelation with your current business phone service provider AFTER porting is complete with DOTVOX.