Using Hoteling For A Temporary Workspace

One of the biggest advantages of using a VoIP service for your communication solution is the ability to access your phone from anywhere. With the hoteling feature, you can turn any desk with a phone into a workspace. Learn more about how you can extend your productivity with the tools provided from DOTVOX.

DOTVOX unified communications is a great way to integrate your tools into one place so you have everything you need to communicate. VoIP solutions allow you to make calls, send texts, hold videoconferences, share files, and use even deeper features to customize the way you receive calls. You can take a single number with you wherever you go so people never have trouble reaching you again.

About Hoteling
When you use DOTVOX, you have a great feature called hoteling. This feature allows you to turn any empty desk into a workspace instantly. Say there is an empty desk with a phone that is otherwise unusable. Anybody at your company can sit at the desk and sign in to the phone. This will send all your work calls to that desk and you can do all your work there.

Hoteling enables a user’s phone profile of phone number, features, and calling plan to be temporarily loaded onto a shared phone. This means that you can login to another phone and have all your usual information in there for you. The phone now receives calls when your number is dialed. You can also access all your contacts and make the calls you need to make.

Hoteling is comprised of two features: Hoteling Host (Multi-user Phone) and Hoteling Guest (Transportable Profile). These features work together and allow customers to designate specific phones that users can temporarily log into and use as their own phone. This is great when your business has multiple buildings. Any trip to the other building will allow you to have access to your same phone and number.

When guests log into a host phone, their user profile is automatically transferred to the device. The host device then becomes the user’s primary device while they are logged in. Your current workstation is prioritized and your phones are sent to that device to begin. It is an easy way to settle into a temporary space and work effectively.

You benefit in many ways when you utilize the hoteling feature. This makes travel between other offices much easier because you can easily login to your phone and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Hoteling is a great tool that maximizes your flexibility and allows you to be more productive with your day.

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