Why VoIP Specialists are Critical


We all know the mantra: downtime is expensive. Each second a business spends without their phones means potentially losing leads, missing support calls, weakening customer relationships, and taking significant hits to their business image. All these losses together could cost the company thousands of dollars—so when their phone system isn’t performing, shouldn’t that be a little alarming? DOTVOX thinks so.

Of course, it’s important for businesses to use a quality phone service with maximum network uptime to avoid all these issues. What’s more is that these businesses also need a provider with expert VoIP specialists on staff to fully correct the communications problems they’ve been facing. Whether it’s a hardware issue, a network issue, or a mouse chewing through wires—businesses can rest easy knowing their provider is the one and only necessary point of contact if things go south. That’s where we can help.


Single Point of Contact


Rather than dealing with a regular phone provider, a cell phone company, a chat client, a video client, and/or any other communications service your company uses, DOTVOX consolidates all those methods into a single platform. Regardless of your issue with any of these methods, DOTVOX is your one and only contact to call.

Since you’re combining your entire company’s communications into a single platform, you’re also consolidating your communications bill into one single payment. Unifying your communications (and bill) standardizes and therefore simplifies the way your company does business—and that means increased efficiency for your employees.


DOTVOX VoIP Specialists vs. VoIP Generalists


At DOTVOX, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors as VoIP specialists rather than generalists. We know that choosing a new provider also means choosing a new support staff for businesses, so it’s critical that each of our staff members truly understands the product and service we’re offering to give our clients the best, most efficient, and friendliest customer service possible.

It sounds silly, but think of it this way: larger VoIP companies need larger call centers to handle the significant call volumes coming in each day. It’s extremely difficult for these companies to hire extremely specialized staff to handle those calls. Therefore, they must hire a lot of VoIP staff that have a generalized set of skills. If they aren’t able to fix a customer’s problem, the agent will forward the call up to the next tier of VoIP staff. If that person can’t fix the problem, the call will keep forwarding up the line until the most specialized staff is reached. For the end-user, this could potentially mean lengthy and frustrating calls to support in the event a problem with your hosted PBX system occurs.

At DOTVOX, we have a select group of highly trained, Arizona-based support staff available to take your call. In the unlikely event there’s an issue with your system, you’ll be able to reach DOTVOX’s best and brightest on every occasion. No outsourced call centers, no unqualified support staff, no surly call center agents, no lengthy wait times—just plain, friendly, efficient service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to take your call. That’s a good feeling.


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