Earn More Business With Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups can be set up with a hosted VoIP system. This will allow your business to respond to calls more effectively and ensure that more customers are served in a timely manner. The best part of a Hunt Group, is that the technology can be implemented in businesses of all sizes. The feature gives businesses the ability to handle higher call volumes and respond effectively to your clients.

A Hunt Group can be implemented using a hosted VoIP solution. A hosted VoIP solution gives your business many tools that can improve communication in every aspect of your office. You have better connection to your employees and better connection to your customers. Hunt Groups are one of the many ways your business benefits from utilizing hosted VoIP.

What Is A Hunt Group?
A Hunt group allows incoming calls to find an available agent from a group of extensions in your virtual phone system. When a customer calls, each extension will be contacted in a certain order until a free extension is reached. Extensions will be skipped when a person is currently on a call or if their extension is labeled as blocked.

Your Hunt Group can be searched sequentially or using a round robin. This means that incoming calls can either be routed in a certain order, or a round robin can keep the call volume for each member even by switching who’s extension is contacted first. This feature benefits you because callers are not sent to directly to voicemail resulting in a missed call. Instead, your callers will test different lines until they find an available representative.

How A Hunt Group Improves Your Calls
Nobody likes being sent to voicemail. The reason your customer called was to get an immediate fix to their issue or immediate answers to their questions. When they call and miss a representative, this puts pressure on them to be available to take a call later when a representative calls them back.

Hunt Groups allow you to establish a call center where multiple people can be available for incoming calls. This reduces the amount of missed calls and gives your callers multiple chances to reach their party. Customers will be happier with the service you provide and will be confident when attempting to reach your phone lines.

No matter the size, your business can implement a Hunt Group and create a more effective telephone system that can handle an influx in call traffic. All businesses are capable of implementing hunt groups and becoming more reliable to their clients. As your needs grow, a hosted VoIP solution can grow with you and continue to offer solutions that fit your business at any tme.

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