Why VoIP for Entrepreneurs is the Way to Go


For the young entrepreneur kicking off her first great idea, adopting a hosted VoIP solution for the new startup is going to make a world of difference in terms of costs, features, and benefits. From the mobility perks to the incredible cost-efficiency it affords, VoIP for entrepreneurs and small businesses simply makes sense.

Mobility and Professionalism

There’s no doubt business is going to follow you everywhere you go after you’ve given your startup the green light. For many entrepreneurs, using a personal cell phone is the often the easiest way to go—mostly because it’s more complicated to worry about two phones rather than one. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient way to not only separate incoming personal from business calls, but also a way to represent your business as professionally as possible regardless of your location? We think so.

A hosted VoIP plan for your new business is perfect because even while you’re out of the “office” (whether you’ve got one or not!), any call to your business number can be routed straight to your personal phone. That way, when you pick the call up, you’ll answer with a firm and professional greeting rather than a confused, “Hi, and who might this be?” to your potential business partners. Whether you’re in business slacks or pajamas, at a worksite or the laundromat, you’ll be ready for business.

Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

New businesses need all the flexibility they can get when it comes to adopting new technology. So, as far as your phone system is concerned, investing in a reliable and scalable VoIP plan is going to boost business as well as alleviate a lot of headaches and stress down the road.

How? A reliable and scalable hosted VoIP plan for entrepreneurs is going to give you the opportunity to have a working phone system that operates seamlessly with your day-to-day operations—such as providing crystal clear call quality and essential telephony features that simplify communications—from day one. The last thing you need to worry about when starting up is replacing equipment or finding new services! Hosted VoIP should work perfectly as soon as it’s implemented and will continue to perform as your business develops.

That said, as the years go by, entrepreneurs can count on a VoIP phone system because it will continue to grow as they grow. When you need to add employees or adjust features, you can do so with ease. There’s no complications or special hoops you have to jump through to make changes, which is a convenience and a relief for those putting all their effort into running their business and not their technology.

Lastly, VoIP for entrepreneurs is particularly attractive for its cost benefits. Since money is going to be tight in the beginning phases of your business, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a service that works with you and not against you. There’s no special equipment to install, no data plans to pay for, and no shady charges included in your contract. Leveraging the Internet you already use, VoIP requires virtually nothing to install and only costs a low flat fee per month so you can easily calculate quarterly business (and lunch) budgets.

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