While it may not be the sexiest feature to highlight, the DOTVOX user dashboard is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the DOTVOX phone system.

Why? Because when you’ve got internal IT staff putting out fires left and right or working on mission-critical company projects under a strict deadline, the last thing they need to worry about is helping Andy in Sales figure out how to change his voicemail recording or showing Joanna how to forward her phone calls while she’s on vacation next week. Taking your staff away from important work to have them troubleshoot low-priority technical issues can be extremely time consuming and downright ineffective.

To completely minimize those inefficiencies, DOTVOX gives each of your employees an intuitive self-management portal they can use to adjust every aspect of their office phone and call experiences, all the way from call forwarding and voicemail adjustments to exploring personal directories and call logs. That makes things easier for all your employees–not just your IT staff.

Plus, training employees on the DOTVOX system won’t rely on your IT staff to administer and will take very little time to complete in general. Once you switch phone providers and begin your DOTVOX service, our staff will provide all the training sessions, training videos, and documentation needed to help train your staff so your company doesn’t have to.

We’ve included a detailed list of dashboard features and controls here if you’re interested in learning a little more.

If interested, we’d be happy to schedule a quick demo of the DOTVOX system, highlight all the capabilities provided in the user dashboard, and offer you a free quote that you can use to compare against your current phone system costs. Feel free to call us at (888) 534-4955 or email sales@dotvox.com and we’ll be in contact to discuss your needs.