Highlights: DOTVOX Unified Communications


Picture this: you’re expecting an important call from a client in the next few minutes, but suddenly the power goes out in the office. What should you do? Or, here’s another one: the battery life on your computer dwindles to 1% during your conference call, but you most certainly can’t afford to drop it. What’s your plan?

For those tough questions and more, check out this short video to see exactly how DOTVOX keeps your business powering forward—no matter what life throws at you.


Video: DOTVOX UC & Business Continuity


Plain and simple: DOTVOX maximizes your resiliency to downtime and missed opportunities on a daily basis. In the video above, we only scratched the surface regarding everything DOTVOX can do to mitigate disaster (and keep business moving). Check out just a few of those features here:

  • Instant Messaging and Group Chat – Sometimes a text is best. If you’re unable to talk for any reason, or if a text chat simply facilitates the message better, DOTVOX has personal and group messaging capabilities to let you keep the conversation flowing.
  • Video Chat – Just like other popular video messaging services, DOTVOX lets you talk face-to-face with your colleagues without any third-party software (or extra costs).
  • File and Screen Share – Save your emails for another day! Easily send files directly in a chat to get info to the right people at the right time. If you need to give someone a little hands-on training or show them something specific on your own computer, simply share your screen and they’ll see your desktop and movements as if it were their own.
  • Call Pull – Need to transfer a call from one device to another? Take a note from our star codes guide and dial *11 to transfer the conversation without dropping the call. It works on any device and the caller on the other end won’t have a clue you’ve switched.
We know you’re curious, so how does a free quote sound? Fill out your basic info here or call 888-534-4955 and we’ll be in touch!