Do you provide cell phones to your employees? If not, have you thought about letting your employees use their own phones for work instead?

By letting employees use their own smartphones to make business calls, you gain the opportunity to free up significant resources for your company. Using the DOTVOX mobile app, ‎for example, your business will be able to cut out the need to provide phones and expensive data plans for each user. Depending on the size or service need of your company, that can be a huge reduction in monthly expenditures. That means you can reallocate that budget and spend on more pressing company projects (or perks).

Additionally, letting employees use their own cell phones also gives them the flexibility to work more efficiently since they already know how to use the phones and won’t need training on how to use them. Even further, they won’t have to carry two phones around in their pockets at all times, and they’ll never be tied to their desk or computer when they have to talk to important clients or contacts.

DOTVOX’s VoIP mobile app also works especially well for companies that are 100% remote or have a large number of remote employees. Rather than relying on separate chat platforms, video chat services, and a multitude of other communication channels to connect with coworkers, DOTVOX can be downloaded to virtually any device your employees use most for work and can be used for all of the above. PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices are all compatible with DOTVOX.

Feel free to check out or mobile app or our collaboration features if you’d like to learn more about what we can offer. You can contact us at (888) 534-4955 or schedule for a free quote and we can schedule a side-by-side price comparison between your current phone provider and DOTVOX.