Here is a quick tip to help you cut a few costs on company phones:

Rather than purchasing or leasing desktop phones for each employee in the company, DOTVOX gives your employees a mobile app instead that turns their personal cell phone into—you guessed it—a versatile, high-powered, mobile business communications device at minimal cost to you.

And, if you still need desk phones, the DOTVOX mobile app is the perfect complement to that. If employees are out of the office for any reason, they can still forward calls to their personal phone to keep in contact—just as if they were in the office.

We understand budget and resources are areas of concern for your staff, so let us clarify a few more details about DOTVOX service plans:

  • DOTVOX can save you up to 30% on what you currently pay for phones, which frees up your budget for other mission-critical assets or projects
  • All the system monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and upkeep are handled by us, so your IT staff can focus on more important, pressing things

DOTVOX is easily implemented and simple to use—even out of the box. If you do decide to get traditional VoIP phones, they come pre-provisioned and our mobile app can be downloaded directly from the Apple or Play store.

We recently started hosting VoIP services for Alliance Home Loans and we’d be happy to set you up with a system for your company.

If cutting costs on company phones sounds appealing (we certainly hope it does), our DOTVOX experts are standing by to answer any questions you have about pricing, features, plans, and can even give you a free quote. Feel free to call 888-534-4955 to get in contact with a DOTVOX representative. Or, if you need something a little quicker, read our top FAQs here.