What does your team use for internal messaging and communication?

Most companies I talk to use a sprawling combination of 3rd party chat clients, conferencing tools, and other communications software just to collaborate internally. While this may make sense on paper, this hodgepodge of tools actually makes your employees less efficient and costs your company more budget dollars than necessary.

DOTVOX cuts out the need to stack and pay for 3rd party communications programs. We combine your messaging services, video chat/screen sharing clients, and phone system into a single platform. For you, that means one platform, one bill, and one point of contact for all your communications needs. Even further, you won’t need to juggle user logins, passwords, and other sensitive information either.

From a security standpoint, stacking up 3rd party tools for your company is a highly unsafe practice that puts your company at risk as well. “Solution sprawl” is an industry term that describes the growing number of solutions used within the company that are utilized without the IT department’s knowledge, and therefore go unmanaged and unsecured.

For example, if your team uses a variety of services for collaboration purposes, your data is at high risk of being stolen by a former employee. Those individuals may still have access to company files, conversations, or other sensitive information long after they’ve departed the company. Unless your team remembers to delete account or passwords for each employee and for each solution you leverage, there’s no telling how much information former employees have access to or how long they have access to it.

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