DOTVOX offers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise-grade VoIP devices for business phone systems with basic telephony capabilities to advanced feature-rich functionalities.

Speaking Business’s Language

DOTVOX℠ is the premier provider of cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP) solutions and hardware for businesses seeking a modern alternative to PBX hardware or in-house IT infrastructure. With a dynamic array of features and functions included in each customizable service plan, streamlining your company communications on the cloud with DOTVOX increases the productivity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of your employees – and your business.

From initial assessment and provisioning to deployment and onboarding, our certified UCaaS professionals combine their industry knowledge and expertise to ensure your business’s VoIP solution is implemented and functioning exactly the way you want it.

We offer in-house provisioning services for new DOTVOX users. Plug-and-play provisioning gives users the ability to connect their VoIP-enabled desk phones to the Internet and use right out of the box – significantly reducing the time spent setting up and deploying your network.

Our U.S.-based rescue team is available 24/7/365 to handle any setback that might arise for some added peace of mind. Regardless of the obstacle, our experts can remotely handle any issue related to your hosted VoIP service quickly and efficiently.

Boost the Productivity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of Your Business


Hosted PBX

Delivers advanced features and capabilities to your company’s users while sidestepping the high capital expenditures and maintenance costs associated with a traditional on-premise system – giving you the cost-efficiency needed to make the absolute most of your business.

There’s no need for extra equipment to implement or additional IT and support staff to hire with DOTVOX’s hosted PBX system. DOTVOX minimizes capital expenditures and controls operating costs for a reduced total cost of ownership. (Request a side-by-side cost comparison to see how much you could save!)

DOTVOX gives you a scalable solution that allows you to quickly add, move, or change user requirements to accommodate business growth. User and administrator portals allow you and your employees to make changes to the system at any time.

Geographically redundant deployments of our data centers account for an industry standard 99.999% uptime – ensuring your VoIP network is up and running even in the event of an Internet outage, power outage, or any other emergency.


VoIP Phones

Available for purchase or lease, DOTVOX offers your company a wide range of quality AudioCodes and Polycom® desk phones, conference phones, and accessories that deliver crystal clear audio and a dynamic set of premium features and functions to each and every user.

From entry-level phones to the feature-heavy dual-stack business media stations, your business will find the exact solution it needs for applicable employees. Each phone includes high-definition audio, advanced telephony features, and headset/ handset capabilities.

Our Polycom SoundStation® conference phones deliver HD audio, 360° microphone coverage, advanced echo cancellation, interference detection capabilities, and more to conference rooms and executive offices alike for a premium conference phone solution with no compromises in quality or performance.

Each VoIP device is accurately provisioned by our experts based on your unique business requirements. Right out of the box, your preferences, rules, and required settings are pre-configured and your device will be ready for use as soon as you can plug it in.



Using your personal smartphone or tablet, engage with important contacts from any location while maintaining your business number. Easily facilitate business conversations while you’re away from your desk– keeping out-of-office exchanges always convenient.

Whether you’re texting a client directions or leading a meeting remotely, you’ll have a versatile tool that keeps the information flowing. Available for Android and iOS devices, gain the ability to exchange audio, video, and text data with your most important contacts from anywhere.

Regardless of your physical location, all your business contacts and directories can be accessed on your personal device. Rather than opening multiple applications to access critical information, your entire knowledgebase is integrated and available through the DOTVOX mobile app.

If your office phones are out of service, you can still receive business calls on your personal device. Additionally, if you need to transfer calls for any reason, you can easily switch communication from your desk phone to your mobile device with no lapse in service.



Designed to accommodate all types of exchanges, DOTVOX provides a solution that brings employees and project collaborators together to boost productivity at any time, from anywhere. Share conversations, notes, files, and video on any desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Users aren’t tied down to any one piece of equipment or location with DOTVOX. Using the MyRoom collaboration feature, employees can message, call, or video chat one another as well as share folders and files – allowing them to communicate in whichever way is most convenient.

Skip the formal meetings and get work done faster directly at your desk. Rather than coordinating meetings around everyone’s busy schedules, collaborate on your important projects in a shared virtual workspace to keep communications and projects efficient.

Your files and directories can be accessed anywhere you’ve got Internet access. Projects can be worked on in real time from any location by all collaborators involved – minimizing the need bring team members into one place for lesser-pressing tasks.


Universal Access

In addition to VoIP-enabled phones and mobility solutions, users can access DOTVOX directly from their computer for some added ease-of-use. With services accessible through the web, your work computer just became your most dynamic communications tool.

Since computers and personal devices can double as business phones, the