Do you provide cell phones for your employees by chance? If not, have you thought about letting your employees use their own smartphones for work?

By letting employees use their personal phones to make business calls through the DOTVOX mobile app, ‎you‎ can reduce significant costs on company-provided phones and data plans. For some companies, that can save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

For example, when you pay for company phones, you’re not only spending significant capital on overpriced and highly fragile equipment for each and every employee. You’re also paying for expensive data plans each month that–let’s face it–aren’t being fully utilized. For many businesses, only a small percentage of the allotted data is actually being used–meaning those companies end up paying for unused resources each and every month.

With DOTVOX, letting your employees use their own cell phones also gives them the flexibility to work more efficiently since:

  1. They already know how to use the phones and won’t need training on how to use them. That can significantly reduce the amount of training each employee needs, and also allows them to better leverage the time they do have.
  2. They don’t have to carry two phones around in their pockets at all times. As their employer or manager, you won’t have to worry about employees misplacing or damaging expensive company property, or collecting their technology materials after they depart the company.

Pound for pound, DOTVOX simply is a cost-savings machine for your company. Our affordable service plans and flexible service options have saved clients as much as 50% on their phone bills, allowing them to allocate more budget dollars to more pressing company projects.

If you’d like, we could set up a meeting so we can talk more about it. Feel free to request a quote here and a DOTVOX representative will be in contact with you shortly.