Using Meet Me Conferencing Collaboration Tools

Collaborating with your team is an important part of every day in the workplace. It is always a hassle when you are unable to meet with your team physically. When your team is constantly on the move or you have to work with others in different locations, you need solutions to stay connected and collaborate effectively.

When you have Meet Me Conferencing, you can easily collaborate with your team from any location. You experience a fully collaborative space for your team to interact and work together. This is an effective way to hold meetings offsite and plan with your team. You can easily get a call going with your staff and update them on any work that has to be done.

Meet Me Conferencing allows multiple callers to join in a single call. This enables your team to have meetings from multiple locations at any time. This is a huge advantage when you work in separate offices or are currently traveling or working from home. Team members get more flexibility and can work more effectively with the tools provided by their VoIP service.

Your VoIP service allows you to take your office phone with you wherever you go. So when you are working from home, your office number can be directed to your smart phone or another phone that can connect to your VoIP service. You can be contacted through the same number that your office phone uses. This makes it easy to reach you when you are out.

  • Features of Meet Me Conferencing
  • Support for both direct dial-in and toll free numbers
  • Multiple conference bridges per Site
  • Only Site Users can be assigned as moderator users
  • System generated moderator PINs and conference ID (participant PINs) delivered via email
  • Site administration Controls through My Site
  • Moderator Control via My Phone dashboard
  • Moderator In Call Controls via DTMF

Flexibility improves many aspects of your business. Employees love having the ability to work on the go. When they have to go on business trips or they are sick and need to work from home, they can remain connected with their team and use Meet Me Conferencing to hold meetings. Employees are comfortable with the thought of being out of office because they have the ability to stay connected and productive.

Your business should have access to the technology that allows your staff to work productively wherever they are. Your business technology should be implemented to make your business better. You shouldn’t experience headaches when using technology. Meet Me Conferencing makes it easy to connect to your team.

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