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Brian is a Digital Marketing Strategist and a regular contributor to the DOTVOX blog. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, DOTVOX is a premier hosted Unified Communications provider that delivers enterprise-grade VoIP solutions to organizations of all sizes, budgets, and user experience levels. DOTVOX works with multi-site and geographically distributed clients to bring comprehensive and customizable communications solutions to various vertical markets nationwide.

What is Simultaneous Ring?

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What Simultaneous Ring Does and How It can Help   Simultaneous ring is a hosted PBX feature that allows users to designate one number that will activate their mobile, office, and home devices simultaneously when called. Commonly shortened and referred to as “sim ring” or “SimRing,” this feature is used to ensure the user is [...]

DOTVOX Unified Communications [Video]

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Highlights: DOTVOX Unified Communications   Picture this: you’re expecting an important call from a client in the next few minutes, but suddenly the power goes out in the office. What should you do? Or, here’s another one: the battery life on your computer dwindles to 1% during your conference call, but you most [...]

How to Use vFax Services | DOTVOX Virtual Fax

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Guide: How to send a vFax   Shorthand for “virtual fax,” vFax is a modern fax solution that allows businesses to send, receive, and view fax messages virtually rather than using a traditional fax machine line. Broken into two sections below, we’ve included steps on how easy it is to use the DOTVOX fax over IP [...]

Star Code Quick Reference Guide

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Getting Started with Star Codes   Whether you refer to them as star codes, feature access codes (FAC), or vertical service codes (VSC), here’s a quick short cut guide you or your users can use to access a variety of call functions directly from a phone on the fly. *Note: Depending on your office [...]

Guide: How to Reset a Polycom VVX Series Phone

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How to Factory Reset a Polycom VVX Phone Polycom’s VVX 300, 400, 500, and 600 Series phones are highly popular office phones, serving thousands of businesses, schools, and organizations across the nation daily. So, when the time comes to reconfigure or reset your VVX Series model for whatever reason, follow these easy steps to get [...]

How to Fix Call Echo Issues

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How to Troubleshoot Your Call Echo Problems When you’re in the middle of an important business call, even a small audio distraction can cause a world of pain. Call echo problems, specifically, plague many office workers and can be a significant source of anxiety for those making important calls on a daily basis. So, rather [...]

Where Facebook’s New Workplace Platform and Messaging App Fall Flat

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Reasons to Take Workplace with a Grain of Salt   Social media giant Facebook is making waves this week after the launch of its new social media platform, Workplace, and business messaging app, Work Chat. Having been in private beta testing for the last year, the platform's debut is raising some significant interest in the [...]

Making Good Use of Your Business VoIP Chat Client

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VoIP Chat Client Highlights   For most businesses leveraging a hosted VoIP service today, employees often have access to a VoIP chat feature that allows them to text message important contacts when they’re out-of-the-office, in a hurry, or simply unavailable to speak for any reason. Also known as IM&P (standing for instant messaging and presence), [...]

What is a VoIP PBX System?

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VoIP PBX System FAQs   Also known as an IP-PBX system, a VoIP PBX functions similarly to traditional PBX systems, save for one fundamental difference: VoIP PBX phone calls are made through the Internet rather than circuit-switched networks.   Q: Is VoIP PBX and hosted PBX the same thing? A: Not necessarily, since it depends [...]

4 Smart Ways to Save with Hosted Telephony

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Cutting Costs with Hosted Telephony   Rather than sticking with a traditional phone system for daily office communications, a hosted telephony solution saves small businesses some serious cash on their overall IT bills. Below we’ve highlighted the top four ways a hosted system can cut costs for a small business like yours.   1.    No [...]