Find the Perfect VoIP Service Plan

So, you’re interested in a hosted VoIP plan, eh? Here are 5 major tips to help you find the perfect VoIP service plan for your organization.


  1. Find a scalable plan

Your company has growing needs so it’s best to find a solution that can fully accommodate that growth without slowing you down. Some providers make it incredibly easy to add, move, or change extensions with a simple call or adjustment within an administrative portal—so we recommend taking that into consideration when choosing your plan.

  1. Avoid VoIP plans that charge for basic services

Not all VoIP service plans or providers are created equal. Some plans have incredibly low prices, but don’t offer basic services like call forwarding, an auto attendant, hunt groups, or 3-way calling to name a few. Features like these will come standard in other VoIP packages, so make sure you’re aware of the nickel-and-dime game your provider is trying to pull.

  1. Bigger is not always better

Some single-person businesses need all the VoIP features they can get, while some 500 user enterprises only need a few basic call features. When choosing a service plan, make sure you’re not seduced by all the bells and whistles some VoIP companies may offer. Similarly, going with a provider based on a recognizable name alone isn’t the best way to go about choosing a VoIP service plan either. A bigger provider does not necessarily equate to premium service, and you might find yourself stuck with impersonal customer service, long wait times, and mediocre service day in and day out.

  1. Pre-provisioned phones can save you time

VoIP providers need to provision your company phones for them to function correctly. When your company receives your phones, you’ll have to spend several hours on the phone with your provider to set up each phone—requiring plenty of time and energy away from your actual business. Pre-provisioned “plug and play” phones, however, let you skip that entire process. Hosted VoIP providers and plans that offer plug and play VoIP phones will configure your phones before they arrive at your doorstep—so all you have to do is plug them in and you’re set.

  1. Find a plan that can accommodate your unique needs

Does your company need a call center? Collaboration features? An E-rate certified provider? Whatever you’re looking for, we recommend finding a service plan that is geared toward your specific industry or specialization. Many providers offer hosted service plans for schools, call centers, multi-location enterprises, and small businesses alike—all with unique feature sets and price points.


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